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Stress analysis and design of the waveguide bellows for EAST ECRH system 会议论文
IOP Conf. Series: Materials Science and Engineering, Hangzhou, China, June 21-22, 2020
Authors:  Zhang, Lingyuan;  Wang, Xiaojie;  Liu, Fukun;  Xu, Handong;  Wu, Dajun;  Tang, Yunying
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Implement and Design of Real-Time Monitoring System__of on-site plant for the Poloidal Field Power Supply 会议论文
2020 IEEE 4th Information Technology, Networking, Electronic and Automation Control Conference (ITNEC), 2020-05-13
Authors:  HE Shiying;  Huang Liansheng;  CHen Xiaojiao;  Wang Zejing;  Wang Guanghong
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Poloidal field  Power supply  Real-time  monitoring system  Modbus/TCP  
Millimeter-wave Detector for Gyrotron Power Monitoring 会议论文
AIP Conference Proceedings 2254, 2020
Authors:  Weiye Xu;  Handong Xu;  Fukun Liu;  Xiaojie Wang
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Design of C Band High Power Teflon Water Load 会议论文
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, 武汉, 2019-11-9
Authors:  Dingzhen Li;  Lianmin Zhao;  Fukun Liu
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Design of monitoring and control system in poloidal field power supply based on EPICS 会议论文
第三届计算科学与应用国际学术会议, 2019-10-22
Authors:  HE Shiying;  Huang Liansheng;  Gao Ge;  chen Xiaojiao;  Wang Guanghong;  Wang Zejing
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A load balancing algorithm for distributed crawler system 会议论文
2019 IEEE 11th International Conference on Communication Software and Networks, 中国重庆, 2019-06-12
Authors:  Zhang ST(张树涛);  Tan HB(谭海波);  Chen LF(陈良锋);  Lv B(吕波)
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distributed crawler system  load balancing  runtime model  approximate gradient descent  constrained optimization  
A Model of Faint Target Temperature Estimation Based on Dual-band Infrared 会议论文
Procedia Computer Science, Beijing Normal Univ, Beijing, PEOPLES R CHINA, OCT 19-21, 2018
Authors:  Liu Zheng;  Yao Shilei;  Mao Xongxia;  Dai Congming;  Wei Heli
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Coupling Tunable D-band Directional Coupler for Millimeter-wave Applications 会议论文
ICEICT 2019 IEEE 2nd International Conference on Electronic Information and Communication Technology, 2019
Authors:  Weiye Xu;  Handong Xu;  Fukun Liu
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EAST辐射量热探测器系统及其基于LabVIEW的温度监测 会议论文
第19届全国等离子体科学技术会议文集, 辽宁大连, 2019-08-25
Authors:  钱静
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Design of Master Control System for ITER PF Converter System Based on CODAC Core System 会议论文
IEEE PEAC 2018, 2018-11-4
Authors:  HE Shiying;  Huang Liansheng;  Gao Ge;  Wang Guanghong;  Wang Zejing;  Zhang Xiuqing
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