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Removal of trace DNA toxic compounds using a Poly(deep eutectic solvent) @Biomass based on multi-physical interactions 期刊论文
Authors:  Li, Xiaofang;  Zhang, Susu;  Wu, Ying;  Jiang, Luying;  Zhang, Wenxi;  Qiao, Xiaoqiang;  Yan, Hongyuan;  Zhou, Hongjian;  Tang, Baokun
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DNA  Toxic compound  Trace level  Deep eutectic solvent  Biomass  
Influence of interactions between alumina crucible and Si-Ca-Fe melt on B and P removal from silicon 期刊论文
Authors:  Sakiani, Hassan;  Tabaian, Seyed Hadi;  Chen, Jian
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Silicon purification  Solvent refining  Alumina  Acid leaching  Calcium  Melt-crucible interaction  
Progress in recovery and recycling of kerf loss silicon waste in photovoltaic industry 期刊论文
Separation and Purification Technology, 2021, 卷号: 254
Authors:  Jingwei Li;  Yinhe Lin;  Fanmao Wang;  Jian Shi;  Jifei Sun;  Boyuan Ban;  Guicheng Liu;  Jian Chen
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Kerf loss silicon waste  Silicon recovery  Impurities removal  Silicon carbide  Photovoltaic application  
Effect of impurity content difference between quartz particles on flotation behavior and its mechanism 期刊论文
POWDER TECHNOLOGY, 2020, 卷号: 375
Authors:  Jiang, Xuesong;  Chen, Jian;  Wei, Mengnan;  Li, Feifei;  Ban, Boyuan;  Li, Jingwei
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Flotation separation  Adsorption  Purification  PEA  Quartz sand  ICP-OES  
Divertor impurity seeding with a new feedback control scheme for maintaining good core confinement in grassy-ELM H-mode regime with tungsten monoblock divertor in EAST 期刊论文
NUCLEAR FUSION, 2020, 卷号: 60
Authors:  Xu, G. S.;  Yuan, Q. P.;  Li, K. D.;  Wang, L.;  Xu, J. C.;  Yang, Q. Q.;  Duan, Y. M.;  Meng, L. Y.;  Yang, Z. S.;  Ding, F.;  Liu, J. B.;  Guo, H. Y.;  Wang, H. Q.;  Eldon, D.;  Tao, Y. Q.;  Wu, K.;  Yan, N.;  Ding, R.;  Wang, Y. F.;  Ye, Y.;  Zhang, L.;  Zhang, T.;  Zang, Q.;  Li, Y. Y.;  Liu, H. Q.;  Jia, G. Z.;  Liu, X. J.;  Si, H.;  Li, E. Z.;  Zeng, L.;  Qian, J. P.;  Lin, S. Y.;  Xu, L. Q.;  Wang, H. H.;  Gong, X. Z.;  Wan, B. N.
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divertor impurity seeding  radiative divertor feedback control  partial detachment  grassy-ELM H-mode regime  tokamak  
Enhanced Erosion-Corrosion Resistance of Tungsten by Carburizing Using Spark Plasma Sintering Technique 期刊论文
MATERIALS, 2020, 卷号: 13
Authors:  Jiang, Yan;  Yang, Junfeng;  Xie, Zhuoming;  Fang, Qianfeng
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tungsten  W-Cr-C coating  carburization  intergranular corrosion  pitting corrosion  
Purification Mechanism of Quartz Sand by Combination of Microwave Heating and Ultrasound Assisted Acid Leaching Treatment 期刊论文
Authors:  Li, Feifei;  Jiang, Xuesong;  Zuo, Qiuxia;  Li, Jingwei;  Ban, Boyuan;  Chen, Jian
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Iron removal  High purity quartz  Microwave treatment  Ultrasound  Acid leaching  
A Novel Microfluidic Device Integrated with Chitosan-Modified Capillaries for Rapid ZIKV Detection 期刊论文
Micromachines, 2020, 卷号: 11
Authors:  朱灵( zhu ling)
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in situ PCR  molecular diagnosis  microfluidic chip  POC device  ZIKV  
Separation and Recovery of Refined Si from Al-Si Melt by Modified Czochralski Method 期刊论文
MATERIALS, 2020, 卷号: 13
Authors:  Li, Jingwei;  Li, Juncheng;  Lin, Yinhe;  Shi, Jian;  Ban, Boyuan;  Liu, Guicheng;  Yang, Woochul;  Chen, Jian
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modified Czochralski method  refined Si separation  Al-Si alloy  boron and phosphorus removals  distribution mechanism  
Separation and Recovery of Refined Si from Al–Si Melt by Modified Czochralski Method 期刊论文
Materials, 2020
Authors:  Jingwei, Li;  Juncheng, Li;  Yinhe, Lin;  Jian, Shi;  Boyuan ,Ban;  Guicheng, Liu;  Woochul Yang;  Jian Chen
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