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ELM Suppression by Boron Powder Injection and Comparison with Lithium Powder Injection on EAST 期刊论文
Authors:  Maingi, R.;  Hu, J. S.;  Sun, Z.;  Diallo, A.;  Tritz, K.;  Qian, Y. Z.;  Xu, W.;  Zuo, G. Z.;  Li, C. L.;  Huang, M.;  Ye, Y.;  Bortolon, A.;  Gilson, E. P.;  Lunsford, R.;  Mansfield, D. K.;  Nagy, A.;  Qian, J. P.;  Gong, X. Z.
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Edge-localized modes  EAST  Impurities  Turbulence  
Development of Digital Multi-channel and Time-division Pulse Height Analyzer Based on PXIE Bus for Hard X-ray Diagnostic in East 期刊论文
Authors:  Cao, Hong-Rui;  Wang, Hai-Xiang;  Zheng, Ying-Ying;  Liu, Shi-Xing;  Zhao, Jin-Long;  Zhang, Ji-Zong;  Lin, Shi-Yao;  Hu, Li-Qun
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Gaussian process tomography based on Bayesian data analysis for soft x-ray and AXUV diagnostics on EAST* 期刊论文
CHINESE PHYSICS B, 2020, 卷号: 29
Authors:  Chao, Yan;  Xu, Liqing;  Hu, Liqun;  Duan, Yanmin;  Wang, Tianbo;  Yuan, Yi;  Zhang, Yongkuan
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bayesian inference  Gaussian process  tomography  plasma physics  
Edge turbulence characteristics and transport during the ELM mitigation withn=1 resonant magnetic perturbation on EAST 期刊论文
NUCLEAR FUSION, 2020, 卷号: 60
Authors:  Liu, S. C.;  Yan, N.;  Liang, Y.;  Zhang, H.;  Xu, J. C.;  Xu, G. S.;  Wang, L.;  Chen, R.;  Hu, G. H.;  Ye, Y.;  Sun, Y.;  Shi, T. H.;  Wang, H. H.;  Wu, M. Q.;  Wu, X. H.;  Gu, S.;  Jia, M.;  Chu, N.;  Ma, Q.;  Wang, Y. M.;  Zhang, T.;  Han, X.;  Chen, L.;  Liu, J. B.;  Xu, S.;  Wang, H. Q.;  Zhao, N.;  Zhang, W.;  Qian, J. P.;  Zeng, L.;  Xu, L. Q.;  Wang, S. X.;  Liu, H. Q.;  Zang, Q.;  Yu, Y. W.;  Liao, L.;  Gong, X. Z.
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resonant magnetic perturbation  ELM control  turbulence transport  tokamak  
Development of vacuum ultraviolet spectroscopy for measuring edge impurity emission in the EAST tokamak 期刊论文
Authors:  Zhang Hongming;  Lyu Bo;  He Liang;  Shen Yongcai;  Chen Jun;  Fu Jia;  Bin Bin;  Wang Xunyu;  Wang Fudi;  Li Yingying;  Zhang Ling;  Liu Bing
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EAST tokamak  impurity tungsten  vacuum ultraviolet spectroscopy  edge impurity emission  plasma diagnostics  
Divertor impurity seeding with a new feedback control scheme for maintaining good core confinement in grassy-ELM H-mode regime with tungsten monoblock divertor in EAST 期刊论文
NUCLEAR FUSION, 2020, 卷号: 60
Authors:  Xu, G. S.;  Yuan, Q. P.;  Li, K. D.;  Wang, L.;  Xu, J. C.;  Yang, Q. Q.;  Duan, Y. M.;  Meng, L. Y.;  Yang, Z. S.;  Ding, F.;  Liu, J. B.;  Guo, H. Y.;  Wang, H. Q.;  Eldon, D.;  Tao, Y. Q.;  Wu, K.;  Yan, N.;  Ding, R.;  Wang, Y. F.;  Ye, Y.;  Zhang, L.;  Zhang, T.;  Zang, Q.;  Li, Y. Y.;  Liu, H. Q.;  Jia, G. Z.;  Liu, X. J.;  Si, H.;  Li, E. Z.;  Zeng, L.;  Qian, J. P.;  Lin, S. Y.;  Xu, L. Q.;  Wang, H. H.;  Gong, X. Z.;  Wan, B. N.
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divertor impurity seeding  radiative divertor feedback control  partial detachment  grassy-ELM H-mode regime  tokamak  
Optimization of the POlarimeter-INTerferometer diagnostics system on EAST 期刊论文
Authors:  Wang, Y. F.;  Liu, H. Q.;  Jie, Y. X.;  Lian, H.;  Chu, Y. Q.;  Li, W. M.;  Wang, S. X.;  Zhu, X.
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Plasma diagnostics - interferometry, spectroscopy and imaging  Nuclear instruments and methods for hot plasma diagnostics  
Tomography of the positive-pitch fast-ion velocity distribution in DIII-D plasmas with Alfven eigenmodes and neoclassical tearing modes 期刊论文
NUCLEAR FUSION, 2020, 卷号: 60
Authors:  Madsen, B.;  Salewski, M.;  Heidbrink, W. W.;  Stagner, L.;  Podesta, M.;  Lin, D.;  Garcia, A. V.;  Hansen, P. C.;  Huang, J.
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velocity-space tomography  fast-ion D-alpha spectroscopy  fast ions  Alfven eigenmodes  neoclassical tearing modes  kick model  DIII-D tokamak  
Study of turbulence modulation and core density peaking with CO2 laser collective scattering diagnostics in the EAST tokamak 期刊论文
NUCLEAR FUSION, 2020, 卷号: 60
Authors:  Li, P.;  Li, Y. D.;  Li, J. G.;  Wu, G. J.;  Lan, T.;  Zhang, B.;  Geng, J. S.;  Zhang, Y. K.;  Xu, L. Q.;  Wang, H. L.;  Liu, H. Q.
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electron-scale turbulence  plasma flow  self-organizing  density peaking  tokamak  
Magnetohydrodynamics-induced internal crash near density limit in ohmic discharge on experimental advanced superconducting tokamak 期刊论文
PHYSICA SCRIPTA, 2020, 卷号: 95
Authors:  Xu, L. Q.;  Duan, Y. M.;  Shen, W.;  Yuan, Y.;  Chao, Y.;  Mao, S. T.;  Lin, S. Y.;  Chen, K. Y.;  Hu, L. Q.
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soft x-ray tomography  tokamak diagnostics  MHD  3D MHD nonlinear simulation