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Al-1,3,5-benzenetricarboxylic metal–organic frameworks: A promising adsorbent for defluoridation of water with pH insensitivity and low aluminum residual 期刊论文
Chemical Engineering Journal, 2014, 期号: 252, 页码: 220-229
Authors:  Nantong Zhang;  Xuan Yang;  Xinyao Yu;  Yong Jia;  Jin Wang;  Lingtao Kong;  Zhen Jin;  Bai Sun;  Tao Luo;  Jinhuai Liu
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Adsorption  Defluoridation  Fluoride  Mofs  Mil-96  
SERS study of transformation of phenylalanine to tyrosine under particle irradiation 期刊论文
Journal of Molecular Structure, 2014, 期号: 1072, 页码: 195-202
Authors:  Jingjing Zhang;  Qing Huang;  Guohua Yao;  Zhigang Ke;  Hong Zhang;  Yilin Lu
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Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Or Scattering (Sers)  Radiation Chemistry  Phenylalanine  Tyrosine  Particle Radiation  Hydroxyl Radical  
Sub-20 nm-Fe3O4 square and circular nanoplates: synthesis and facet-dependent magnetic and electrochemical properties 期刊论文
Chem. Commun., 2014, 期号: 50, 页码: 15952-15955
Authors:  Tao Luo;  Qiang-Qiang Meng;  Chao Gao;  Xin-Yao Yu;  Yong Jia;  Bai Sun;  Zhen Jin;  Qun-Xiang Li;  Jin-Huai Liu;  Xing-Jiu Huang
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Investigation of the facet-dependent performance of a-Fe2O3 nanocrystals for heavy metal determination by stripping voltammetry 期刊论文
Chem. Commun, 2014, 期号: 50, 页码: 5011-5013
Authors:  Wei-Hong Xu;  Qiang-Qiang Meng;  Chao Gao;  Jing Wang;  Qun-Xiang Li;  Jin-Huai Liu;  Xing-Jiu Huang
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