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RAM-free Wavelength Modulated Off-Axis Integrated 会议论文
, USA, 2014-07-13
Authors:  C. Lengignon, X. Cui, W. Zhao, T. Wu, E. Fertein, C. Coeur, Weidong Chen
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Wet-adhesion properties of microstructured surface of PDMS inspired by newt foot pads 会议论文
, Snowbird, UT, USA, 2017
Authors:  Ling Gong;  Haiwu Yu;  Xuan Wu;  Xiaojie Wang
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Study of a bioinspired wall-climbing robot: Contact mechanism and performance 会议论文
, Snowbird, UT, USA, 2017
Authors:  Xuan Wu;  Gaowei Liu;  Xiaojie Wang;  Yanwei Liu;  Tao Mei
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The applications of tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy in coal mine safety production 会议论文
, 台湾, 2016-07
Authors:  Zhang ZR(张志荣);  Dong FZ(董凤忠)
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Validation of fast-ion D-alpha spectrum measurements during EAST neutral-beam heated plasmas 会议论文
, Madison, WI, 2016
Authors:  J. Huang;  C. R. Wu;  Y. M. Hou;  J. F. Chang;  S. Y. Ding;  Y. J. Chen;  Z. Jin;  Z. Xu;  W. Gao;  J. F. Wang;  B. Lyu;  Q. Zang;  G. Q. Zhong;  L. Hu;  B. Wan;  W. Heidbrink;  L. Stagner;  Y. B. Zhu;  M. G. von Hellermann
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A MIMO architecture for integrated control of plasma shape and flux expansion for the EAST tokamak 会议论文
, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA, 2016
Authors:  R. Albanese;  R. Ambrosino;  G. Calabr;  A. Castaldo;  F. Crisanti;  G. De Tommasi;  L. Liu;  Z. P. Luo;  A. Mele;  A. Pironti;  B. J. Xiao;  Q. P. Yuan
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Prototype Design and Test of ITER PF Converter Unit 会议论文
, Austin, TX, 2015
Authors:  Zhiquan Song;  Peng Fu;  Jinchao Li;  Peng Wang;  Xiuqing Zhang;  Chuan Li;  Yong Yang;  Ling Dong
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Data Processing for EAST Remote Participation 会议论文
, ITALY, 2016
Authors:  Xiaoyang Sun;  Feng Wang;  Yong Wang;  Shi Li
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RF, Disruption, and Thermal Stress Analyses of EAST I and B Port Antennas 会议论文
, Austin, TX, 2015
Authors:  L. Zhou;  W. K. Beck;  P. Koert;  P. Koert;  R. F. Vieira;  S. J. Wukitch;  R. S. Granetz;  J. H. Irby;  Q. X. Yang;  C. M. Qin;  X. J. Zhang;  Y. P. Zhao
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Effects of Atmospheric-Pressure Nonthermal Nitrogen and Air Plasma on Bacteria Inactivation 会议论文
, Sino German Sci Ctr, Beijing, PEOPLES R CHINA, 2015
Authors:  Dezhi Xiao;  Cheng Cheng;  Yan Lan;  Guo Hua Ni;  Jie Shen;  Yue Dong Meng;  Paul K. Chu
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