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Sorption and desorption of Th(IV) on nanoparticles of anatase studied by batch and.. Xiaoli Tan 18117
Discovery of N-(5-((5-chloro-4-((2-(isopropylsulfonyl)phenyl)amino)pyrimidin-2-yl).. Chen, Yongfei 11438
Discovery of 2-((3-Acrylamido-4-methylphenyl)amino)-N-(2-methyl5-(3,4,5-trimethoxy.. Liang, Xiaofei 7502
Fuel ethanol production from concentrated food waste hydrolysates in immobilized c.. Yan, SB 7290
Low Temperature Hydrothermal Synthesis of Visible-Light-Activated I-Doped TiO2 for.. Wang, Dongting 6784
Discovery of 2-((3-Amino-4-methylphenyl)amino)-N-(2-methyl-5-(3-(trifluoromethyl)b.. Liang, Xiaofei 5268
Facile fabrication of magnetic metal-organic framework nanocomposites for potentia.. Ke, F 4900
Error Accumulation and Transfer Effects of the Retrieved Aerosol Backscattering Co.. Liu, Houtong 4836
Abundance of chemical elements in the continental crust: a new table S. R. TAYLOR 3291
Chromophoric dissolved organic matter influence correction of algal concentration .. Zhang Xiaoling 3032
Diaminodiacid-Based Solid-Phase Synthesis of Peptide Disulfide Bond Mimics Hong-Kui Cui 2806
Reaction of C-60 with Inactive Secondary Amines and Aldehydes and the Cu(OAc)(2)-P.. Yang, Hai-Tao 2727
Highly efficient removal of As(V) by using NiAl layered double oxide composites Lv, Zhimin 2635
The neel theory of ferrimagnetism J.Samuel Smart 2625
Study on lower hybrid current drive efficiency at high density towards long-pulse .. M. H. Li 2284
SnO2/Reduced Graphene Oxide Nanocomposite for the Simultaneous Electrochemical Det.. Yan Wei 2096
Statistics of the fractal structure and phase singularity of a plane light wave pr.. Ruizhong Rao 1742
Synthesis of fluorescent phenylethanethiolated gold nanoclusters via pseudo-AGR me.. Chuanhao Yao 1725
Implication of Blocking Layer Functioning with the Effect of Temperature in Dye-Se.. Kou, Dongxing 1654
Significance tests on the crystallographic R factor Hamilton, W. 1645
Functional and structural characterization of a novel catechol-O-methyltransferase.. Wang, Qing 1593
Heat and Flow Characteristics of Packed Beds ACHENBACH E 1528
Effect of Ti addition on B removal during silicon refining in Al-30%Si alloy direc.. Bai, Xiaolong 1514
Upconversion nanoparticles for ratiometric fluorescence detection of nitrite Junfen Han 1513
General expression of the linear potential sweep voltammogram in the case of diffu.. E. LAVIRON 1505
Design of a Control System for an Autonomous Vehicle Based on Adaptive-PID Pan Zhao 1497
First results with 3-strap ICRF antennas in ASDEX Upgrade Bobkov, V. 1479
Effect of changing incident wavelength on Raman features of optical phonons in SiC.. Yan, Y 1470
Autocatalytic redox fabrication and magnetic studies of Co–Ni–P alloy nanowire a.. Yuan, XY 1456
Synthesis of chain-like ?-Fe/Fe3O4 core/shell composites exhibiting enhanced micro.. Wang, Shipeng 1384
Discovery of N-((1-(4-(3-(3-((6,7-Dimethoxyquinolin-3-yl)oxy)phenyl)ureido)-2-(tri.. Li, Binhua 1285
Theoretical studies on the pyrolysis of (Thion)carbonates Ping Wu 1283
Hydrothermal synthesis and characterization of CuCrO2 laminar nanocrystals Shu Zhou 1274
Particle size effects on La0.7Ca0.3 MnO3:size-induced changes of magnetic phase tr.. Wei Tang 1241
Enzymatical hydrolysis of food waste and ethanol production from the hydrolysate Yan, SB 1006
Absolute spectral radiance responsivity calibration of sun photometers Qiuyun Xu 995
Pilot-scale production of fuel ethanol from concentrated food waste hydrolysates u.. Shoubao Yan 920
Nanomaterials in pollution trace detection and environmental improvement Lide Zhang 899
Infrared and Raman Study of Amorphous VzOs C. Sanchez 886
Phase transition, structure and luminescence of Eu:YAG nanophosphors by co-precipi.. Su, J 850
High efficiency of CdSe quantum-dot-sensitized TiO2 inverse opal solar cells Lina J. Digun 828
CH4-CO2 reforming by plasma - challenges and opportunities Xumei Tao 814
Assessment of electromagnetic loads for EAST magnets using interaction matrix meth.. Xu, Weiwei 787
托卡马克极向场线圈的优化方法 查学军 786
ITER极向场电源系统的设计与仿真 黄晖 777
Analysis of Landsat-8 OLI imagery for land surface water mapping Du, Zhiqiang 773
Investigation on micro-perforated panel absorber with ultra-micro perforations Y.J. Qian 771
Multiferroics: a magnetic twist for ferroelectricity SANG-WOOK CHEONG 765
Mesoporous TiO2 Nanowire Film for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell Xiao, Li 762
Kinetics and thermodynamics of adsorption of ionizable aromatic compounds from aqu.. Sheng, GD 755
Growth, defects, radiation resistant and optical properties of 30 at% Er:GSAG lase.. Chen, Yuanzhi 744
纳米Yb:LuScO3的制备和发光 丁丽华 734
Graphene oxide-iron oxide and reduced graphene oxide-iron oxide hybrid materials f.. Xin Yang; Changlun Chen;* Jiaxing Li; Guixia Zhao; Xuemei Ren and Xiangke Wang* 733
Magnetoelectric Composites G. Srinivasan 716
Photocatalytic Properties of SrTiO3 Nanocubes Synthesized Through Molten Salt Modi.. Liu, Yin 699
基于NS2的XCP快速启动研究 刘泓昊 690
Completed robust local binary pattern for texture classification Yang Zhao 689
Micro/nanostructured hydroxyapatite structurally enhances the immobilization for C.. Dong, Anle 685
ZnO-Based Hollow Nanoparticles by Selective Etching: Elimination and Reconstructio.. Haibo Zeng 678
nanowire photonics Ruoxue Yan 672
ITER上窗口屏蔽中子学分析研究 郑善良 666
空间外差光谱技术的发展与应用 叶松 666
Multiferroics with Spiral Spin Orders By Yoshinori Tokura 657
Hexavalent chromium removal from aqueous solution by algal bloom residue derived a.. Zhang, H 648
Investigation of critical behavior in Pr0.55Sr0.45MnO3 by using the field dependen.. Fan, JY 646
无线传感器网络综述 马祖长 641
基于MATLAB 的车牌识别系统设计与实现 刘忠杰 639
Annealing-induced evolution in interface stability and electrical performance of s.. Wang, Die 627
Controlled synthesis of novel 3D CdS hierarchical microtremella for photocatalytic.. Dai, Kai 624
A novel slow-release urea fertiliser: Physical and chemical analysis of its struct.. Ni Xiaoyu 620
Estimation of winter time NO emissions in Hefei, a typical inland city of China, u.. Tan, Wei 618
A simple, compact, and rigid piezoelectric step motor with large step size Wang, Q 617
Magnetic and microwave absorption properties of W-type Ba(ZnxCo1−x)2Fe16O27 hexaf.. Zi, ZF 605
Supercritical Carbon Dioxide (SC-CO2) Extraction of Grapefruit Flavedo Poiana M 599
Adaptive regularized filtering for BRDF model inversion and land surface albedo re.. Shengcheng Cui 597
Computer simulations of light scattering and absorption in dye-sensitized solar ce.. Jorg Ferber* 594
Lung cancer in never smokers - a different disease Sophie Sun 584
Isolation of Rosemary Oil Comparison between Hydrodistillation and Supercritical C.. E. Reverchon* 583
Dissipative solitons for mode-locked lasers Grelu Philippe 582
Structural, transport, and magnetic properties in the Ti-doped manganites LaMn1KxT.. J. Yang 574
人体成分分析仪设计—— 生物电阻抗原理的一种实现 梅涛 573
北京夏季典型天气TSP组成和来源对比 李金香 564
Participation of Reactive Oxygen Species in Phototoxicity Induced by Quinolone Ant.. Naoki Umezawa 550
High-performance Ge-on-Si photodetectors Jurgen Michel* 550
Modelling of radiative divertor operation towards detachment in experimental advan.. YiPing Chen 549
CH3CH2+N(4S)反应机理的理论研究 杨颞 543
Atmospheric turbulence John C. Wyngaard 541
多普勒测风激光雷达研究进展 周小林 540
直接从双峰直方图确定二值化阈值 梁华为 532
Hydrothermal synthesis and photoluminescence of TiO2 nanowires Zhang, YX 526
Secondary organic aerosol formation and transport SPYROS N. PANDIS 525
Growth and superconductivity of 2H-Ni-0 02TaSe2 single crystals Li, LJ 525
Structural investigation of Li2O–B2O3–MoO3 glasses and high-temperature solution.. Di Wang 518
傅里叶变换红外光谱学方法用于气体定量分析 朱 军 515
Novel pyrenehexafluoroisopropanol derivative-decorated single-walled carbon nanotu.. Lingtao Kong 510
A smartphone-based portable analytical system for on-site quantification of hypoch.. Yang, Xin 509
Surface plasmon polaritons physics and applications Zhang, JX 501
Cu(OAc)(2)-Mediated Reaction of [60]Fullerene with Aldehydes and Primary Amines fo.. Wu, Jun 501
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The neel theory of ferrimagnetism J.Samuel Smart 19
大气散射辐射偏振特性测量研究 孙晓兵 14
基于PCL-839 + 的二维步进电机运动平台控制系统设计 付毅宾 10
Surface plasmon polaritons physics and applications Zhang, JX 6
Abundance of chemical elements in the continental crust: a new table S. R. TAYLOR 6
Au-Pt alloy nanoparticles site-selectively deposited on CaIn2S4 nanosteps as effic.. Ding, Jianjun 6
新型缓释尿素肥效与功能材料添加量的关系 吴振宇 6
无线传感器网络综述 马祖长 5
直接从双峰直方图确定二值化阈值 梁华为 5
基于LCTF调谐的高光谱成像系统设计 张冬英 5
Orientable pore-size-distribution of ZnO nanostructures and their superior photoca.. Xiaowei Duan 5
Fluorescent biosensors of protein function Schuyler B VanEngelenburg 5
Enhancement of nitrogen and phosphorus removal from eutrophic water by economic pl.. Miao Li 5
车联 网的关键技术及其应 用 杨媛媛 5
TiO2 hierarchical sub-wavelength microspheres for high efficiency dye-sensitized s.. Sheng, Jiang 5
Current trends in the development of intelligent unmanned autonomous systems Zhang, Tao 5
大气气溶胶光学特性激光雷达探测 周军 4
高产L-乳酸米根霉RE3303菌株特性研究 古绍彬 4
有机硅改性高吸水性树脂及其制备方法 李布青 4
混浊介质中利用后向散射光偏振进行目标识别的研究 仇英辉 4
基于卡尔曼滤波的差分光学吸收光谱法 李素文 4
基于量子级联激光器的气体检测研究 王敏 4
衰荡光谱法测量OH自由基的理论研究 聂劲松 4
剂量计算中解析组织非均匀性修正方法的比较研究 宋钢 4
Synthesis and magnetic properties of CoFe2O4 ferrite nanoparticles Zhenfa Zi 4
First-principles study of interaction of cluster Au32 with CO, H2, and O2 Yao Wang 4
Zinc Oxide Nanostructures: Morphology Derivation and Evolution Changhui Ye 4
磁约束核聚变托卡马克等离子体与壁相互作用研究进展 吕广宏 4
花状银微纳米结构的合成及SERS性质 张波 4
Atmospheric turbulence John C. Wyngaard 4
Lidar inversion with variable backscatter/extinction ratios James D. Klett 4
Thermoelectric power of single-orbital and two-orbital Hubbard models on triangula.. Xian-Lu Gu 4
800 万像素手机镜头的设计 李 广 4
二氧化碳浓度高精度反演的敏感性研究 叶函函 4
基于CC2430芯片的动物机器人遥控导航系统 倪化生 4
Integrations and challenges of novel high-k gate stacks in advanced CMOS technolog.. He, G 4
雨滴谱测量技术研究进展 余东升 4
用于模拟SOA形成的烟雾腔的构造和表征 刘宪云 4
Heat and Flow Characteristics of Packed Beds ACHENBACH E 4
基于太阳辐射计的气溶胶光学特性反演算法研究 黄红莲 4
Characteristics of aerosol optical properties in pollution and Asian dust episodes.. Chenbo Xie 4
基于二氧化钛纳米棒阵列薄膜的柔性染料敏化太阳电池及其制备方法 王时茂 4
Photoluminescence and Infrared Properties of α-Al2O3 Nanowires and Nanobelts Peng, XS 4
Characterization of 0.92Pb(Zn1-3Nb2-3)O3–0.08PbTiO3 crystals grown from high-temp.. Xiao, JZ 4
Fabrication of b-cyclodextrin conjugated magnetic HNT/iron oxide composite for hig.. Shitong Yang 4
微分谱结合独立成分分析对三维荧光重叠光谱的解析 于绍慧 4
The Application of MM5 Wind Data in Monitoring of Regional Pollution based on Pass.. Yang Jingwen 4
Infrared and Raman Study of Amorphous VzOs C. Sanchez 4
Enhanced Microwave Absorption Properties of Urchin-like Fe/alpha-Fe2O3 Composite S.. QIANGCHUN LIU 4
A New Numerical Model for the Quench Simulation in CFETR CSMC Conductor Yang, Y. L. 4
Multi-machine scaling of the main SOL parallel heat flux width in tokamak limiter .. Horacek, J. 4
Casp3/7-Instructed Intracellular Aggregation of Fe3O4 Nanoparticles Enhances T-2 M.. Yuan, Yue 4
A generic instantaneous undeformed chip thickness model for the cutting force mode.. Li, Kexuan 4
Generating giant and tunable nonlinearity in a macroscopic mechanical resonator fr.. Huang, Pu 4
Pressure-induced structural and valence transition in AgO Hou, Chunju 4
Synthesis of sodium polyhydrides at high pressures Struzhkin, Viktor V. 4
Multiband nodeless superconductivity near the charge-density-wave quantum critical.. Cui, Shan 4
Carbon nanotube-filled intumescent multilayer nanocoating on cotton fabric for enh.. Ding, Xin 4
Reduced radiative conductivity of low spin FeO6-octahedra in FeCO3 at high pressur.. Sergey S. Lobanov 4
Design of a stabilizing shell for KTX You, Wei 4
Electrochemical determination of arsenic(III) with ultra-high anti-interference pe.. Yang, Meng 4
Ratiometric fluorescent paper sensor utilizing hybrid carbon dots-quantum dots for.. Wang, Yahui 4
High-Pressure Measurements of Temperature and CO2 Concentration Using Tunable Diod.. Cai, Tingdong 4
Realization of minute-long steady-state H-mode discharges on EAST Gong, Xianzu 4
Fabrication of bulk amorphous and nanocrystalline Al2O3-YSZ materials Song, Xuemei 4
Synthesis of Cu2O/Ag Composite with Visible Light Photocatalytic Degradation Activ.. Wu, Yi-ping 4
Tricritical behavior of the two-dimensional intrinsically ferromagnetic semiconduc.. Lin, G. T. 4
EpCAM Inhibition Sensitizes Chemoresistant Leukemia to Immune Surveillance Zheng, Xiaohu 4
Drive the Dirac electrons into Cooper pairs in SrxBi2Se3 Du, Guan 4
SmPO4-coated Li1.2Mn0.54Ni0.13Co0.13O2 as a cathode material with enhanced cycling.. He, Lei 4
The Zeeman splitting of bulk 2H-MoTe2 single crystal in high magnetic field Sun, Yan 4
Simultaneous measurement of C VI, Ne X, and Li III charge exchange lines on EAST Y. Y. Li 4
基于叶绿素荧光诱导动力学曲线的光合作用参数反演算法研究 邱晓晗 4
Underdetermined blind separation of three-way fluorescence spectra of PAHs in wate.. Ruifang Yang 4
Toroidal rotation induced by 4.6 GHz lower hybrid current drive on EAST tokamak Yin, Xiang-Hui 4
A succinct method to generate multi-type HCV beams with a spatial spiral varying r.. Qi, Junli 4
Mechanistic understanding of polychlorinated biphenyls degradation by peroxymonosu.. Qin, Wenxiu 4
Effects of a combined processing technology involving ultrasound and surfactant on.. Fang, Xue 4
Discovery of 2-(4-Chloro-3-(trifluoromethyl)phenyl)-N-(4-((6,7-dimethoxyquinolin-4.. Yun Wu 4
Experimental measurements for the effective thermal conductivity of pebble beds wi.. Wang C(王聪) 4
A DEM-CFD numerical model for the prediction of the effective thermal conductivity.. Wang C(王聪) 4
机械扫描式高速光谱采集装置 鲍健 3
1.064μm测风激光雷达扩束系统的设计 胡明勇 3
CO和CO2的1.58μm波段可调谐二极管激光吸收光谱的二次谐波检测研究 涂兴华 3
LED激发光源的水体浮游植物浓度活体检测系统研究 王志刚 3
β射线自动监测大气中PM10含量的设计方案 张玉钧 3
EAST装置技术诊断数据采集系统设计 奚维斌 3
非线性拉曼激光雷达测量CO2气体的研究 赵日峰 3
HENDL1.1/MG数据库和VisualBUS1.0程序的临界基准计算与分析 张春早 3
本体技术在物流信息系统中的应用研究 牛文琪 3
HT-7U装置极向场电源变流系统的研制 高格 3
HT-7托卡马克上电子回旋辐射计及前端研究 熊刚 3
机械球磨法制备纳米材料的研究进展 刘银 3
小波去噪的几种方法 文莉 3
一种基于关联规则分类的改进方法 查金水 3
N+离子注入陆地棉花粉对胚珠DNA及M 代cDNA表达的影响 岳洁瑜 3
用透射电镜观察铝中位错时应注意的几个问题 费广涛 3
有铁磁介质时的自感和互感 方前锋 3
低能离子注人在Vc高产菌株选育中的应用 虞龙 3
仿壁虎微纳米粘附阵列研究进展 任鸟飞 3
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Synthesis and magnetic properties of CoFe2O4 ferrite nanoparticles Zhenfa Zi 2
Lidar inversion with variable backscatter/extinction ratios James D. Klett 2
The neel theory of ferrimagnetism J.Samuel Smart 2
800 万像素手机镜头的设计 李 广 2
Abundance of chemical elements in the continental crust: a new table S. R. TAYLOR 2
星载大气痕量气体差分吸收光谱仪前置光学系统设计 司福祺 2
Simultaneous adsorption and reduction of U(VI) on reduced graphene oxide-supported.. Yubing Sun 2
High photovoltages of CuFeO2 based p-type dye-sensitized solar cells Zhu, Tao 2
An Analysis of Ripple and Error Fields Induced by a Blanket in the CFETR Yu Guanying 2
Peptide toxins and small-molecule blockers of BK channels Yu, Mu 2
Generating giant and tunable nonlinearity in a macroscopic mechanical resonator fr.. Huang, Pu 2
The group VA element non-compensated n-p codoping in CuGaS2 for intermediate band .. Han, Miaomiao 2
Synthesis of Cu2O/Ag Composite with Visible Light Photocatalytic Degradation Activ.. Wu, Yi-ping 2
Modified analytic expression for the single-scattering phase function Cheng Chen 2
One-step growth of nanosheet-assembled BiOCl/BiOBr microspheres for highly efficie.. Zhang, Jinfeng 2
Mechanistic understanding of polychlorinated biphenyls degradation by peroxymonosu.. Qin, Wenxiu 2
Tailoring mechanical properties of a CoCrNi medium-entropy alloy by controlling na.. Deng, H. W. 2
Effects of a combined processing technology involving ultrasound and surfactant on.. Fang, Xue 2
一种多传感器机器人手爪 梅涛 1
海洛因荧光分析仪 吴仲城 1
一种魔力水车 葛运建 1
去除纳米氧化铝模板背面剩余铝的方法 范继存 1
CdWO4闪烁晶体的生长及其光学性能的研究 罗丽明 1
CO和CO2的1.58μm波段可调谐二极管激光吸收光谱的二次谐波检测研究 涂兴华 1
DDS技术在数字激光相位测距仪中的应用 李季 1
HNO二聚体蓝移氢键的理论研究 刘颖 1
Nd:GGG激光晶体的缺陷研究 王召兵 1
β射线自动监测大气中PM10含量的设计方案 张玉钧 1
半导体激光雷达的斜程能见度测量方法 岳斌 1
北京城区大气边界层的激光雷达观测 杨辉 1
北京地区夏冬季气溶胶变化特征分析 阎逢旗 1
苯和甲苯差分吸收光谱方法的实验室测量研究 崔延军 1
不同参数对室内传输通道热晕效应影响的数值分析 冯绚 1
不同水体中溶解有机物的荧光光谱特性研究 赵南京 1
差分吸收光谱法对大气中挥发性有机物光化学作用指示剂的监测与反演 彭夫敏 1
车载大气环境监测激光雷达数据处理和结果显示 刘小勤 1
程差法测量1.315μm附近CO2的吸收 邬承就 1
程差法和长程吸收光谱法联合测量大气分子吸收 邬承就 1
大气气溶胶光学特性激光雷达探测 周军 1
大气气溶胶粒子数密度和质量浓度的测量 王蓓 1
Co在Pt(111)面上电结晶的STM 及REM 研究 印仁和 1
15kA晶闸管分断开关的改进及其在EAST装置中的应用 李定 1
Bacillus Megaterium 在Vc二步发酵中伴生活性初步研究 吕树娟 1
CICC导体缩径过程的有限元仿真 刘志宏 1
单模石英光纤受激拉曼散射温度特性研究 孙秀平 1
EAST真空室内部部件安装的基准环设计与分析 陈长琦 1
低信噪比图像中目标检测提取方法 王勇 1
基于气体传感器阵列的动态检测系统 王磊 1
碘代烷烃在532nm激光作用下多光子电离解离机理 章莲蒂 1
基于自适应模糊PID控制的汽车ESP系统控制研究 陈佳佳 1
无所不在的传感与机器人感知 葛运建 1
无线传感器网络综述 马祖长 1
一种基于网络化智能传感器的分布式测控方法 宋光明 1
飞点准分子激光角膜屈光手术理论及实验研究 邓国庆 1
非Kolmogorov大气湍流温度谱标度指数的测量与分析 梅海平 1
傅里叶变换红外光谱仪复数光谱误差分析及辐射定标方法研究 张天舒 1
HT-7 Nd:YAG激光汤姆逊散射光学系统分析 运高谦 1
高浓度掺Er^3+铌酸锂晶体的光谱参数计算 孙敦陆 1
本体技术在物流信息系统中的应用研究 牛文琪 1
高温超导及GaN衬底材料(La,Sr)(Al,Ta)O3晶体的 陶德节 1
HT-7超导托卡马克装置上中子通量分布的实验研究 陈珏铨 1
淬火温度对铜铝锰形状记忆合金两个内耗峰的影响 孙蔚 1
HT-7托卡马克上电子回旋辐射计及前端研究 熊刚 1
电沉积Ni—W 合金纳米晶的组织与性能 舒霞 1
HT一7装置微波系统的功率测量 徐墨东 1
HT-6M 托卡马克边界粒子循环 徐伟 1
光学有效载荷高精度绝对辐射定标技术研究 李照洲 1
HT-7U放电真空室支撑结构的设计和应力分析 宋云涛 1
合肥地区大气折射率结构常数高度分布模式 孙刚 1
HT-7U装置第一壁抗热冲击SiC厚膜涂层研究 陈俊淩 1
HT-7铁芯超导托卡马克等离子体电流和水平位移多变量反馈控制 傅鹏 1
HT-7 装置纵场线圈超导线接头的钎焊工艺 吴杰峰 1
HT-7托卡马克的八管弹丸注入器 胡立群 1
机器人多维力传感器标定Kalman滤波 许德章 1
ITER超导母线结构设计与分析 张远斌 1
ITER输运车双密封门系统的设计与分析 程涛 1
基于Java2平台的网络化机器人感知系统 宋光明 1
一种汽车机油压力传感器 申飞 1
一种双e型圆膜片十字梁结构的六轴加速度传感器 戈瑜 1
基于气体传感器阵列的易挥发化学品判别系统 马亚彬 1
基于原子力显微镜的纳米材料电流检测系统 李东升 1
金属氧化物纳米点薄膜的模板法合成 郜涛 1
快冷Fe71Al29合金中的两个内耗峰 王 强 1
一种基于关联规则分类的改进方法 查金水 1
一种无线传感器网络节点操作系统设计 郭庆磊 1
泡沫铝的低频内耗特征研究 刘长松 1
Nb3Sn超导股线残余应力分析 刘勃 1
P(VDF-HFP)基凝胶电解质染料敏化纳米TiO2薄膜太阳电池 郭力 1
QNX下以太网现场总线多机通信的研究 杨亚龙 1
HT一7U托卡马克核聚变装置中纵场超导磁体系统的设计 高大军 1
一种用于农业施肥的数据处理方法 熊范伦 1
磁约束核聚变研究现状和前景展望 万元熙 1
低能氮离子注入固态羧酸钠的光谱分析 王相勤 1
低能离子束介导水稻遗传转化的研究 李红 1
低能离子注人在Vc高产菌株选育中的应用 虞龙 1
低温等离子体技术应用研究进展 孟月东 1
红外线一氧化碳分析仪 司福祺 1
高灵敏度爆炸物、毒品检测用微型质谱仪 李海洋 1
基于拉曼技术的差分激光雷达光路自动转换装置 邵石生 1
低杂波分段调相技术的计算机控制系统 林建安 1